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Old Smithsonian building


U.S. Capital building in the lower left corner of this picture


Washington monument


Photos 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 courtesy of Veronica Angulo



Mature Jefferson elm


In 2005, Jefferson Elm was jointly released by the National Park Service (NPS) and the U.S. National Arboretum. Click Here.

It is a true American Elm planted in the early 1930's on the Mall in Washington D.C. Jefferson has a 70 year proven history of being free of problems, including D.E.D., while thousands of other elms within 1 mile have contracted the disease.

I asked one of the D.C. grounds Horticulturists why they don't plant other tree species. I was told they do, but elms create a summer comfort level that no other tree can equal.

Elm attributes are:

  • High shade with good visibility under the usually wide canopy.
  • Fast sturdy growth with minimum wind and ice damage.
  • Ability to take high compaction soils, wet and dry.
  • Very strong limb attachment and minimum blow-over.
  • Grass grows under elms better than almost all other trees.
  • Roots stay underground and seem to grow around and/or below solid objects like concrete sidewalks and other structures instead of breaking them.
  • Excellent recovery from ice and wind damage.

Basically, I was told that without the shade of the American Elm's, the tourists could hardly survive the summer heat in our beautiful capital.

Washington Elm Gallery below

Below is the Washington Elm. It is planted by the Jefferson Memorial, and is one that is being evaluated for possible release. The gentleman in the blue coat is Dr. Denny Townsend. I had the privilege of him showing me the different elms in his research plots and on the Mall in D.C. He is also responsible for about 10 cultivars of red maples, several hybrid elms, several lacebark elms and others. Thanks Dr. Townsend.




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