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Nanjing Beauty is a hybrid cross that is being planted by the millions in Southern China ---Equal to our climatic zones 7, 8, 9, and 10. Possibly zone 6.

The Botany Shop was given small plants in 2004 by Dr. David Creech, Steven F. Austin University - Nacogdoches Texas . He believes, as I do, that it could be an excellent tree for fast screening, landscapes, soil conservation, timber, acid & high Ph and salty soils, and to control beach erosion. BUY ONE HERE

Nanjing Beauty is a Chinese hybrid cross of our Bald Cypress and the Mexican Montezuma Cypress which is the largest tree in the world by mass, (Arbol de Tule).

Click here for the 1st article written by Dr. David Creech.
Click here for photos. The first group are photos are of a 25ft Nanjing Beauty in the Atlanta Botanical Garden. This tree is one of the original rooted cuttings that Dr Creech brought from China in his suitcase (legally) in December of 2001. The rest of the photos are from Professor Yin Yunlong, senior scientist, Nanjing Botanical Garden.
Click here for thesis proposal by Lijing Zhou.

This plant is a hybrid cross developed by Dr. Chen Yonghui, Nanjing Botanical Garden in 1980. The best selection was F1302, a clone in China known as taxodium Zhongshansa. Renamed by Dr. David Creech for the U.S. market with the permission of the Nanjing Botanical Garden -- Taxodium Nanjing Beauty or just Nanjing Beauty.   BUY HERE

Mike Shade

Updated April 21 2015

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